Nevedith celebrates fifty years of quality dogs. 

We started showing fifty years ago with Poodles and progressed through the Utility,

Toy and Terrier groups to now be at the Hound and Gundog stage,

we have worked hard to at the forefront of the Whippet world.


Our First Champion - Ch Akeferry Jimmy
Jimmy was the Nevedith kennels first Champion 
he proved to be one of the most sucessful stud dogs of the 1970's. 
Jimmy's top winning progeny include:- 
Ch Nutcracker of Nevedith 
Ch Nevedith Bright Beret 
Ch Ruegeto Nina of Nevedith 
Ch Crysbel Skylight of Nevedith 
Ch Mispickel Mazurka of Zarcrest 
Ch Sakonnet Devils Cub Swedish 
Ch Baydale Bronze Miller 
USA Ch Solera Spindrift of Nevedith
SA Ch Barmaud Lord Halifax of Savilepark 
Sakonnet Sprig Muslin 
Ch Killligrew Quintus 
Killigrew Quintessence 
Harque to Equery 

and many many more..

CH Nutshell of Nevedith


The UK's top CC winning whippet. 

(with the help of Ch Pencloe Dutch Gold) produced the World famous Nevedith Justa litter.

justa Litter.jpg